Mobile Sales App

Mobile Sales App

Redefining user experience
An app for agents & dealers to perform a customer registration, bill payment, change plan as well as to track transaction.

Understanding the pain points

To understand the problem is to identify them by looking at user’s experience that causes frustration, emotional discomfort, irritation or hassle and Empathy Map is one of the methods that could help us understand user’s pain points successfully.

I have to wait for each page to load

Waiting time

I don’t like that we have to go back so many times.

Journey disruptions

Overwhelming menu and dashboard.

Misunderstanding the icons

Current high level view of user journey

Understanding the user’s journey – their feelings, motivations and experiences – will help us tremendously to design an experience that guides them towards meeting their need.

Improvement below based on feedback from floor

Duplicate screen are removed
Reduce number of screens

More intuative sequences
Guided path by showing the relevant menu

Easy access to ticketing
Holistic view on ticket system

Reduce cluttered visual
Remove icons, replaced with copy


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