Ikram Faidzal

Product Design Lead.
Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Collection of fancy ux words

1. Appetite
How to use: I/We saw a good number of appetite of our users that prefers this over this.

2. Cognitive load
How to use: In an effort to reduce the cognitive load around X, I’d suggest we use X.

3. Behave
How to use: We surely don’t want to encourage our users to behave that way because it might impact X.

4. Minuscule
How to use: All this minuscule interaction would contribute to a greater impact of the experiences.

5. Guiding principle
How to use: Before we get crazy with ideation, let’s first establish a guiding principle. This principle would be the anchor of our thinking moving forward.

6. Impact
How to use: The impact that we’ll be making by doing X is substantial, thus I’d strongly encourage us to explore further.

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